What would you do to upgrade?

I have some cash comming to me. What would you do with it as far as improving my grow set up? I have a 2x4x5 tent, cant go bigger but could go taller. Have a HLG 260xl v2 light, I grow in soil. I only do 1/2 plants at a time and no consideration on more. So my motivation is to improve quality, density, aroma, not quantity. What could I add to my set up to effect the quality.

Seems like you are set for lighting. I assume you already have quality pH and PPM meters?

Humidifier? dehumidifier? Portable heat or AC?

Just throwing out some ideas.

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CO2 seems to be the latest hype…

Have the aperia ph meter but a cheep TDS.the air conditioning might intrest me, as heat can be an issue where I live. It would have to be stationed outside the tent (space) and plumbed in.

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Another taller tent, another light, another set of fans. Then you can have a second grow, one to veg, taller tent to flower.

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I would look to be maximizing environmental controls and inputs.
I am thinking of the equipment and controls to be able to hit VPD targets. Like wise the ability to have as perfect drying conditions as you can have. Then the cure, I imagine you can spend a few $$ on quality humidors.
Can you squeeze another 260 xl in there? How about a UVA bar? Can hardly go wrong with more light.
Personally, I would want a taller tent.
It is fun thinking about what I would like to add or change. Let us know what you do.

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Looking at the gorilla 2x4x6.3 tent but dont have the room for a 2nd tent. The drying improvements are a good idea! Talk to me about that as my knowledge is week in that area. I really need more knowledge in curing. I think another 260xl in my tent would be too much.


If you use your main tent for drying, and if you can control temp and humidity in the room the tent is in, you should be 90% there. The other 10% is operator judgement (timing)
A couple things from Ed. It is a combination of time, temp, humidity. I dry in big carboard boxes and hope for the best. So anything I could do to improve / control the environment would help.

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I am thinking of what Hellraiser throws at his plants in his 3x3. I have also seen where several forum members run 2 HLG 260 in their 3x3 or 2x4. I run 450W in my 3x3. 500 is not a push at all.

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Temp and humidity are my hardest thing to control. During veg and flower I open tent door a little at top as the temp goes over 90 if not. Best I can do is around 82/83 degrees, humidity is fairly constant at about 50 to 60%. My buds dry in the tent within 3/4 days

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Does anyone make a small cooling devise for a space this small???

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Is a portable room air conditioner an option? I have to do the same thing with my gorilla tent (3x3). Open the door to allow built up heat out. I am glad I have one light drive mounted outside the tent.

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A window unit won’t work but a small enough standing unit that I could plumb into the tent might work. Have to figure out exhust though.

When new tent comes I will be pulling my driver out of the tent as well.


buy some quality meters and monitors, if you haven’t already.

Sounds like you have a nice setup , And Meters. I Always recommend buy the tallest tent your space will accommodate. Good luck with upgrade


TryingTo “fine tune” the grow so to speak.

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Small fan built into a cooler with ice! A kinda swamp cooler! I’m going to try this very soon! I have an ice maker and there is no light issues with this! My window AC let’s light in the room! My upgrade is to eliminate the tents for maximizing space and eliminating light leaks! I have 2 4x4x80”. Soon will be a 7ft x 12ft grow room!

I’m also going to try dry ice in my grow room. :thinking: I love to experiment with new ideas!

Problem I see with a tent is when the door is closed the tents shrink (A lot) ultimately stretches the sewn seems! At least this has been my experience! Went through three tents since 2018! First was not quality! Two I have now are vivison( might be misspelled)! When they come down I’m wrapping the room with 6mil diamond Mylar!

Like the simplicity but I’m (maybe wrongly) concerned about the humidity. Right now the humidity is 62% in the tent at 86’.and that’s with the door opened at top corner.

Do you have a exhaust fan @Audiofreak? If not you need one! When the temperature and humidity get too high in my tent I turn up the exhaust