What would be best for the ladies

i want to put my girls in the ground, but atm I’m chasing the sun around the yard, of a morning it gets 5.5 hours of sun on one side ,then around 7 hours, of afternoon sun on the other side of yard, so wondering what would be better , the 5.5 hours of morning sun or 7 hours of afternoon sun, the move to the other side takes place around 12.30 pm . all thoughts appreciated .

I would have to say afternoon sun would be best
Sun is higher at that point of day and more direct sunlight the better :grinning:
Don’t know if that helps just what I would do :+1:
Good luck :+1:

@Countryboyjvd1971 ,I would normally agree ,but after reading a few older post on here ,I’m not sure anymore, some say morning better others say afternoon ,so hoping some of the experienced ppl chime in. But more st on here do indoor grows.time to go punch a few


There a bunch that do outdoors here as well so I’m sure they will chime in
I have a similar situation on my land with light and I had actually set my plant up on a trailer and I would chase the sun around :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:Crazy time consuming I finally just set her up where she got the most direct sun ?
I know sometimes I wish I didn’t seek out so much info because I get confused :neutral_face: As well lol
Happy growing

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Id go with the arvo seeing its longer and stronger. But is there any chance you can get both. Or is there a spot that gets a bit of both.

@number1fan Not without having them out in the open,and the eye in the sky fly’s over and very low daily.

And shortly ,they are going to be to big to be moving from side to side, so they need to go into ground one side or the other, but there are 11 different strains going ATM and a few clones,that are ready

are you in a humid area? The main reason for morning sun is because it helps the dew on the plants evaporate quicker which protects you from mold and rot. it would be a shame to lose a crop to bud rot just to try and get an extra hour or so of sun light.

As much time in the sun as possible try to blend them in with other vegetation around the edges of open areas

@Jgro,if there was any other vegetation that would make it easy,I do have 7ft fence tho,but can’t have them out in middle.

I’m an out door guerilla grower. My plants were split in both areas, early morning sun and afternoon sun , the afternoon seemed to grow better, try both areas if you can, My Autos grew just fine in the early sun and were shaded in the afternoon, My WW (fem) plant grew Huge and tall fast in the afternoon . Next grow I’m going to work a little harder and grow in an area that has 14-16 hrs of strong daylight.

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I grew gorilla glue this summer we had afternoon sun on a few and all day sun on the rest none had just morning sun so all I can really contribute is the more sun the better and tie em down! We get a lot of flyovers here in nor cal too so I feel your pain…