What was the most difficult strain (You've ever grown?)

Wasn’t sure where to stick this so here it goes.

What was the most difficult strain you have ever grown and what made it difficult?

The only challenging plant I’ve had was a Durban poison that hermied on me. I moved it to a separate tent and flowered her anyway. Not wanting to smoke weak weed, I made hash out of all of the flower she yielded. The hash was pretty decent.

My most recent grow was a GG that was extremely hungry. I had to double the doses of Jacks to maintain a good runoff PPM.

Those are the only 2 that come to mind at the moment. I’m not convinced that in either case it had anything to do with the strain they were. They were just twitchy plants.


Malawi was the most challenging, and only for the extremely long flowering time. It took forever for it to fill in, but after it did, it was amazing.
12+ week flowering time, it’s a marathon, with no sprinting.


Blueberry wedding cake for me is the least easy. 75 to 80 days of flowering and no matter how low i start them they reach into the lights.

Haha great minds. Mine was also a landrace. Jamaican lambsbread (Britt Rose company, circa ‘92) that went 16 weeks.


Old School Glue was alittle more challenging than most. Oh normally have about a 95% germination rate. Ended up with only 20%. But… this also could have been to pour genetics. Idk. :man_farmer:

I’m with ya on the malawi it was my first grow but damn it took forever think I flowered for 15 or 16weeks

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It was definitely a challenge.

This landrace strains are no joke! It was decent affects, but man was it a long wait. I still have some I should start… :grimacing: :joy:

Mine is were from Ace Seeds.


I have some Indian landrace that takes a full year to grow. Figured id end up with a nice lil head stash.