What type of light bulb for the budding stage

What type of bulb or light bulb do I need to use for the budding stage.

It would depend on if you are using a HID bulb, like a hps or mh or a cfls and how much watts are you running.

If using a hid light a good HPS light is good for flower it has a better spectrum than a mh bulb thayt you would use for the vegetative stage.

I’m not an expert on cfl’s but you would want a bulb in the 5000k to 6500k, and 2700 for flower.

Also you can use fluorescent lighting as well at the same as a cfls, correct me if I’m wrong

Remember you need at least 50 wats/Sq ft I believe


I would add that there are UVB enhanced HPS bulbs on the market as well. Well worth it if you’re using an HID. :+1::beer::smiley:

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