What type Of Humidifier

What type Of Humidifier should I be using cool or warm mist

Look at House Of Hydro and build your own. I bought a standard room humidifier and it was really inadequate and I was constantly filling the tank not to mention the cost of distilled water.
The House Of Hydro is easy to build your own and you can control the mist output. Since setting mine up my plants are very happy. I have a 4x4 tent and bought a three disc mister and it’s working fine. You just need to size your water tote accordingly. For my three disc I bought a 17 gallon tote and the mister can easily keep the humidity in my tent at 75%. Also the House Of Hydro requires regular tap water.

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Listen to @registereduser. I too bought a large room humidifier. It’s not enough. I’m pulling 30rh on average which apparently isn’t great for vegging. However, my plants don’t seem to care. I’d recommend either getting two large room humidifiers or one bad boy humidifier. If I leave mine at the 1st setting, it’ll last about 10 hours before I have to fill. If I do it on the #2 setting, I get probably 6 hours out of it. Still a pain. Sucks they don’t make a humidifier that can run off a main water line so you don’t have to refill.

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This is a great question to ask.

For me it comes down to the choice between ultrasonic and wicking evaporator types. If you won’t need to humidify during flower, then an ultrasonic with tap water is okay. But if you are going to humidify during flower, then consider that ultrasonic humidifiers cast a mineral dust over everything unless you use distilled/reverse osmosis water.

If you’re ventilating to lower heat, that’s obviously going to increase your humidification demand; if you defoliate your plants, that decreases humidity in the tent. I mention these points because introducing a humidifier isn’t the only solution to address low humidity.