What to expect, how’s it going?

I am 35days from the day of sprout, when I first popped these 3 amnesia #7 seeds I assumed they were autoflowers. They were “Free” seeds from seeds man when I placed my order but after researching and looking at my order I discovered they are fem photos. (Kinda happy) but I have only done one grow before this and it was autos and I had mainly no issues at all. I’m not sure what to expect or if they are looking alright. It’s been up and down with them a bit, they are in 1gal flora flex coco quick fill bags currently,
Light = Spider farmer 2000 (29” from tops)
Tent = 2x4
Ventilation = AC infinity 6” with carbon filter
Nutes = Flora Flex v1 and v2 currently
Water = RO water
Temp = Day 79-83 , Night 68-73
RH = Day 43-52% , Night 50-56%
Genetics = Amnesia #7 by exotic seeds.

Not entirely sure what else I should be doing right now or if I’m on track with everything. I water them around ever 4ish days with some run off ppm/ph has been alright I’ve been watering in at 5.8-6.0 and run off last week I was seeing 6.5-6.6 not sure if that’s normal. Any feed back or input is appreciated! Excited to see how stuff turns out and hoping for a successful grow and harvest!


You always want 20% run off when giving nutrients.
Your run off is showing you that you already have a salt build up, so water them a bunch give them. A flush monitor your run off PH ignore the ppm once your run off PH is back within range then go ahead and give a full feed then let them dry out and go back to feeding every time but ensure 20% run off all the time or this issue happens.

Those bags have holes in the bottom right?

Best to put them in your sink for the flush or the tub.

You can expect 12 weeks of flowering minimum with amnesia. And a mighty stretch… Plan ahead