What to do with plant that overshadows all others

Either I got lucky or a tri-leaf mutation or gene happens every so often.I read about tri-leafs and it said any grower soon gets one and to expect a heavy yeilder.
It sprouted with 3 round leaves instead of two so I have a third main branch.It’s over shadowing the others and is taking over the grow room.
I added more light and if it continues the others will just fade away.
I’m thinking of tossing the others even though they are also in early bud.
I can’t think of any other solution??

I don’t know what to say…

If you insist on culling plants; Take a couple cuttings from each.

I would bend the stalk over on the big plant and allow the rest to fill in. Constantly monitor and move plants for maximum airflow.

What is culling,they are all autos but a few are 100 days autos.
That’s a good idea bending or training.

Culling is removing, cutting out, or tossing out the unwanted plants. Training or adding more light, side lighting or lighting that can be placed under the big plant’s canopy for the plants that are not getting enough light, or moving to a bigger room with more light are about you only other options.