What to do with male plant

So, pretty sure this bb is male.

I have one autoflower in week 5 and two flowering plants that haven’t showed their sex yet.

My question is—would it be stupid and more trouble than it’s worth to try breeding? I really like the varietal that’s male and, frankly, really love the plant, and the idea of cutting it down before its time is very sad to me. I would likely put it outside with one of the flowering plants to see what they get up to on their own (who knows, maybe they’re all male), but I don’t know if it’s irresponsible to knowingly put a male outdoors in a residential neighborhood. I don’t want to accidentally pollinate a neighbor’s crop (in fairness, I don’t actually think any neighbors are growing, but I’m not exactly loud about it myself).

Give it to me straight. What should I do?

Take away from the other plants. Unless you wanna cross breed.

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Sitting on a sack of seed is comforting…