What to do with extra plants?

I planted 7 seeds. One is a Grape Ape (4/29 start) seed found in the bud. 6 are Wedding Cake (5/6 start) from ILGM. All looking fantastic. I only have space for four of them in the AutoPot system in my 3x4 grow tent. I had no idea how successful I would be, hence more planted than space for. Initially they were to all go outside. Now I am loath to put any of these beauties out in the harsh high plains weather of The Land of Enchantment.

Q1: how to do you choose what to put outside or in the AutoPots? All have great stalk strength but some are a tad shorter, not much. Do I put the stronger looking ones outside and let them to their fate (albeit taken well care of) or put those in the tent with a greater success rate?

Q2: My tent has a little grow chamber and I have read where I can keep them in veg state forever. But do they keep getting bigger? Space in that chamber is limited. But I could keep three in there. Right now they are all in quart size Cow Pots (manure based pot). The gallon size fabric pots I ordered and have not used are slightly larger. Would they be able to stay in there without getting too big?

Q3: if I put the other three in the 7 gal soft bags, can they be taken out of it to transplant later? I have nurtured one garden box specifically for a plant. The question is more: at what point would I put them outside? Our weather is fickle here. We had unusual 90 deg days and yet this last Sunday it never got out of the 50s. We normally do not even hit 90 until mid August. We live at 4400 elevation and we tend to avoid the blistering days of summer the southern part of the state gets.

Thanks ahead as the advice here has been great. This is my first real grow.

This was taken yesterday. They are actually a lovely green color but the flash and lighting makes them look yellowish.