What the hell is this. Asking for a m8

My m8s plant, never seen anything like it. What is it and what can i do??
Thanks peeps


What has your rh been?

Take a nug off and open her up
If it is squishy, bud rot. The stem may be mushy feeling also. This is my guess. Otheres will chime in soon.

Bad case of bugs but I can’t make out the type from the pic.
Any chance you can get some close up shots of the black and white spots on the leaves ?
Def needs attn asap if it’s not already too late.

If you can get some spinosad product like Captain Jacks


And follow the directions on the bottle.
It will require repeat sprays to get them.
In the mean time you can spray with water and peroxide at a 50/50 mix.

Good luck. :pray:


Sorry about the wrong diagnosis. I knew it was something major. Glad you guys came in to help him. @Oldguy @MidwestGuy

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These the only 2 pics he sent me.
I believe RH is high to high but weve had lots of rain recently.
They are very small flying things. Look like midgees or fugal gnats.


I didn’t make any comments, but I agree with @Oldguy. It looks like a whole lot of bug poop. I could see why rot may have been seen as a problem in the picture too. It just looks like bug poop all over the bud to me.


In the picture I took of it looks like webbing could be spuder mites


Can you get any clearer or closer pics of the actual insect/webbing?

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I gotta be honest I don’t think it’s spider mites unless there’s a good deal of the webbing everywhere …regular spiders like pot plants too for some reason …mites seem to blanket areas with webs ant not really like the one I can barely see there …
Without a decent pic of the actual potential pest it’s impossible to say

Also that is the same pic just zoomed in and I can do that and did that which is why I asked for closer clearer pictures …just saying hard to zoom in on something from far away and be able to distinguish

Spider mites look more like this …
There’s another pic above posted by the author and it looks like it’s been out in the rain …some of the size puddles all over the plant aren’t exactly good for marijuana flowers
I’d be trying to keep that as dry as possible shake all the water off …also the web could be bagworms …or the like and what they like to do is dig into your flowers and eat them from the inside out …you wouldn’t even know until it’s already happening

Had to go and find these from last year …eating from the inside out

Sorry guys tbis is the best i can do, my m8s phone is shit.

Looks like fungus gnats …best I can do lol…I see wings

Just thinking if gnats or other such pests spiders will come and eat them. Perhaps that is the webbing and a side effect of the other critters.


Hopefully there’s lacewings or minute pirates around there …they get rid of everything

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@Lacewing OMG those little bama’s blend right in like camouflage!!

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Yea thats fucked eh. I had heaps on my outdoor. Lil pricks. @Lacewing

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I’d agree with the “bad case of bugs.” I am not sure what kind either. May be too late unfortunately but try the washes suggested you may be surprised.
Good luck,
Happy growin