What the heck is this

Such small and narrow leaves that curl up I don’t know if it’s sativa a or what


Looks like a sativa

Underwatered… is what it is.


Its definitely a sativa but it needs water

Do you have a fan pointing directly on it?

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no it outside in Miami sunshine its still hot here in the upper 80 70 at night

It might be lacking water but there’s more going on. Looks like nute burn. Check under leaves for parasites, they can do weird crap. I’ve grown outdoors for years never really saw that extreme curling. The buds look under developed for the amount of red

So they’ve been healthy up to this point?

I’m not sure if ph can do that but I’d check it anyway. I think you have bugs :bug:

Where I’m at, out doors, you just toss seeds in the dirt outside and come back to pull the males (if nec). We have really good black dirt in my area

I grew Indica in the same conditions had this happen before it was a male so I got rid of it

How much nitrogen is it getting, looks like some toxicity.