What symptoms are they? Good morning and thanks ❤

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I haven’t seen this before so tag an expert like @Myfriendis410

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Also @Covertgrower or @MrPeat

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How about a picture of the plant in white light?

Knowing a bit more about the grow would help too.

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Super Silver Haze , ilgm… 4week flower, under sf4000, humidity 55%,ph 5.7, ce 1.8 temp 27day 21-23 night. Biobizz nut. Grow,blum,top max and fishmix. Lemon and sodium to level ph. Banana tea one a 2week. Thank you for help

I am no expert but it does look like Phosphorus deficiency.


Mr. Peat may be the closest. It looks almost calcium, but still steers towards phosphorus visually.
Biobizz schedule is pretty open.


Based on the appearance of the plant I would ask if this leaf came from the bottom of the plant. It looks more to me like a leaf that is at it’s working life. Plant looks good.

I would suggest not using Baking Soda as a PH regulator. It will eventually cause issues with the plant. It’s fine for short term. Better to get a good PH up.

What is the input TDS of your nutrient regimen and what medium are you in? Soil? Coco?

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Light mix soil…biobizz , leaf comes from the bottom and the top aswell. She looks better now coz i trim down the sick leaf. Thank you for ur help again.