What stage is my plant in?

Can you help me determine what stage my plant is in? First time growing, unknown seeds, outdoors. I’m in Week-7 from germination. (It’s been raining so the plants are a little wet…) My concern is when to stop using neem oil and get some Uncle Jack’s (I’ve read not to use neem oil on buds?) Thanks!

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I would guess that this plant is in the first week or so of transition from veg to flower. You will likely see the buds getting larger and denser in the coming two weeks.

You can expect the buds to get larger and denser over the remaining flowering period which can be another 6 weeks or so. The specific timing depends upon the specific strain and many other environmental factors.


No thats clearly week 2 of flower. Stop the neem oil.


Thank you! Just picked up somebody Captain Jack’s!