What sex is this? Is it a hermaphrodite?

Please help me what sex is this plant?

Def lots of male bits.
The blurry pic might have turned herm. Hard to tell. Pollen sacs have opened. Hopefully no females nearby.

Agree with @Drinkslinger that you have a lot of male flowers. I think I can see 1 stigma as well, but it’s impossible to be sure.

When you post a request for advice, please help us by giving the context (Seed source and cultivar, age of plant, stage of lifecycle, environmental conditions, etc.) Were these seeds supposed to be feminized? How long have they been flowering?

I did notice in another thread that you’re using a closet with emergency blankets. The closet door is always an issue when it comes to light deprivation, whether or not that’s the issue here.

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Ahh! Gotta toss this crop. I haven’t had the best of luck with this crop anyways. Not in closet any more moved to spare bedroom and maybe I need to check the seals on the window make sure I got it all light proof and the bad weather hasn’t fouled the seals.
Thanks for the help everyone. I’ll remember to start a ticket next time.

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Is it a total loss? Even a seeded crop can make some sort of concentrates (hash, etc).