What’s wrong with my Ladies

Should I leave cut the dead leaves

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Before we begin to troubleshoot, you’ll need to provide a very detailed description of your setup and habits.

Breeder/cultivar/source of seed:

When did the cotyledon emerge?

Exactly what medium are you growing in? (Brand and product/s)

What’s your watering program? Frequency, volume, additives,

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?

If you’re fertigating, what is strength is your nutrient mix? (Specify EC, 500/700 scale ppm)

What is your light source? (Be specific)

Temperatures: Average/peak/min for both day and night

Humidity: Average/peak/min for both day and night

How do you bring fresh air into your space, and how do you remove stale air?

Feel free to include any additional information, but try to be concise out of consideration to those who are helping.