What’s this called?

Is this a FIM or just topped? How will it grow from here?image

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Sorry for sideways photo

Looks topped to me. Should split in 2.

Topped. These will be your two main colas



That’s what I was looking for. Is there any way to get more than 2 to come up when you top?

Just top that bad boy again later.

I topped this plant only once, and shes lost a cola or two due to things falling on her.


Is it a photo? If it’s an auto you dont wanna keep topping.

Good looking plant. What size light is that?

Its a cheap $80 light. I have the link.


Im a broke boy too, this light does well for one plant. Not much more than that though. I ran two plants under it to begin with and i could see where the plant wasnt getting the best light.

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Sweet for the word. Thanks so much.

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Those look amazing.

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If you ever upgrade lights, hlg is where it’s at. I spent 100 on the 65 v2 4000k and it’s amazing…
If you added that with you’re light I bet you could get 4 plants going.

That hlg is good for flowering too? This is my first go around. I went with the 600 hps because I was under the impression that you needed a $1000 led or you’re buds wouldn’t fatten up and you’d have low thc levels. I was told when in doubt go hps can’t go wrong. I’m in a 3x3 tent by the way

Kept them small because I didn’t wanna grow out the tent. Then I’d be screwed but believe me in November you’ll see that tent full to the brim

They say 4000k works fine. And that specific light is good for veg 2×2 and flowering I believe like 2×1 1/2 or something like that. Not very big. But if you already have the other lights and dont wanna spend a lot, it would make a great addition. If you have more money then get a better hlg though an rspec is better for flowering.

I have two HLG’s. The 2x2 size. 3k they work nice but I’m going for a 4x4 light next.

You just need two more of those or the 260xl to run with them for a 4x4

I just read how bad it it’s to put to many small lights together. I’m not sure if it’s a heat problem is the reason people say that but I don’t have a problem adding more lights if it’s OK. I don’t want to feel like I’m doing something wrong I’m definitely not having problems with the heat so that is not the problem. And I’ve been looking anyway and some of the boards are two connected together anyway. So I think that’s what I’m gonna do. One grower showed me some lights on Amazon that were pretty cheap I read the reviews on them they’re not bad his plants look good. Thanks for the word

I didn’t think the 4K would flower. I read that I don’t know how true it is. I have the 100 3k. I like them. Thanks. And I’m new to the forums. I fell at home. Thanks again

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I looked those lights up. The reviews were good. I just worry about my house catching on fire. Lol. Thanks I think I’m going to get some of them. I have another question where is the best place to get seeds in the US? If I’m allowed to ask that question I’m not sure