What’s proper way to set up 55 gal drum for nutes

I have been mixing 15 gal at a time.(in flower with plants as big as me not cutting it)The 15g tank obviously has air stones. I was
Told airstones alone will not circulate good enough and the bottom of the drum will end up with the salts at the bottom of drum. I’m using jacks 321, Moab for pk spikes. Flower power si and fish shit. Fish shit is added after I ph. Running coco/perlite 50/50
4 scorpions, and 1 roi(not worth the money)

Happy growing


I’ve grown in a SOG, and a SCROG, but I haven’t tried a DOG (duct tape of green) yet. :rofl:

Nice grow man. Sorry I don’t know the answer to your question. :man_shrugging:

4 scorpions! Oh my…i have to ask, what is not worth it the 1 roi or the scorpions. Thats a sweet setup. I do not have a 55 gal set up but from what i read in the past i would get atleast 4 wave makers and put them in the 55 gal to keep it mixed up. Could run on a dig timer for 15 min once every hour to keep it all mixed up and a good size pump to put in there. Just remember to have acway to break the siphon effect.

Are those 1 gal pots in the front of the pic ? Pretty big plants for that size pot if so. Been wondering how big one could get in a 1 gal.

I have a scorpion as well best investment ive ever made

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It isn’t necessarily proper but the way I keep 55 gallons of liquid moving is a 1/4 hp motor, a shaft collar, a 1/2” shaft and stainless steel props. Probably overkill for nutrients. :joy:

A couple wave makers is probably the best answer.


The scorpions rock. The roi got taken down and threw in a Hps. Next run will be another led. The Roi wasn’t producing dense buds. I was amazed what scorpions could do. They out did themselves for sure. Minor adjustments from the hid lights. This was first led grow next run sealing room and adding co2

Roi-680 or 720? I feel like reviews on 680 were pretty good, but 720 left a few people disappointed.

I use an inexpensive aquarium wavemaker: draws a lot less power too and keeps everything circulated.

Fishshi! might not be a good thing to have in a standing rez due to the organics in it…

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