What’s going on with my plants?!

For sure.

So I’ve got some concerns. I’ve definitely noticed improvement in my ladies, and I know damaged leaves won’t repair themselves. However, I’m not 100% that all of these cases are new. I have these various yellow/yellowing leaves in various spots. Many are down low, but on one of my plants, these cases are about halfway up.

On ilgm I remember reading that the curling leaves are a sign of N toxicity (I had that backwards when you and I were first talking about it PurpNGold), and I’m not really seeing those curls anymore. Instead I’m just seeing this various yellowing and the burnt edges. So is this Nute Burn or some kind of deficiency? I gave them their ILGM Growtime nutrients on Sunday and a foliar feeding of calmag on Monday. The last time they got nutrients before that was 6/8. They’ve had 2 neem oil sprays: one last Thursday and another this last Sunday. They’ve been getting plenty of water pH’d to 6.5. The last time I checked runoff was on Sunday and all plants were between 6.4-6.5.

What does this look like and what does everyone think I should do? I know l, I know, KISS. But again, I’m having a hard time telling if these leaves are old cases. I don’t THINK they are—I think at least some of them are new which makes me think I need to do something. Advice? Thanks again for any and all help!

Wow. And just saw today that three of my white widows have some new growth coming in red like this. What could this be? It’s not normal, right?

Also my northern lights auto is awfully droopy up top

Sorry But, i notice you say you watered 2 or 3 gallons, I have 5 gallons of soil in 7 gallon bags and in coco , anyway it is 4 gallons before I get any run off when watering?? Plus your outside.

Hi there. No, I give them 1-2 gallons and now I get plenty of runoff. A few days ago or last week or whenever, I wasn’t hardly getting any. But now that I’ve been watering 1-2 gallons each day, I get enough. And yeah, it’s outdoor but in pots and soil

That seems like a lot every day? Is the pot drying out by the next day? The pic above looks over watered with droopy and swollen leaves.

Hi there. The droopy picture is my young autoflower. My autoflowers haven’t been getting 1-2 gallons a day—my photo monsters get 1-2 gallons a day. My autos only got transplanted on Sunday and their soil hasn’t dried up enough for more yet. I gave them a little water for good measure last night after I had taken this picture (I made the mistake of not watering enough when my photos were younger because the soil seemed so wet but it was never seeming like they needed more. Eventually we realized they MUST have to have more water than that so we gave them some and they shot up.) I only give them water when the top few inches of soil are dried out, which with their size and how hot it’s been here in Southern California, they’re guzzling it down. I’ve been watering them at night, though, because usually I’ll come out in the morning and it will seem plenty moist, but as they spend the day in the sun, by the evening when the sun starts going down their top few inches are light-colored and dry again. Depending on how dry/how far down I have to dig for moist soil determines whether it’s 1 or 2 gallons.

I checked runoff on all my plants last night. My photos range from 6.39-6.54. My autos, unfortunately, were closer to 5.5, so I need to get their pH higher (any suggestions on how best to do that?). My autos have some curls on some of their leaves so I worry they may have N toxicity.

The other pictures I took of all the yellowing are on my photos and are a big concern. One of my plants had these yellowing leaves reaching halfway up her stalk while the rest have yellowing leaves keeping toward the bottom. (Her pH is 6.54) Does it look like she’s got Nute Burn or a deficiency? I’m having trouble figuring it out and don’t want to do anything to make the problems worse. Here’s her from a distance and some of her leaves up close:

Potassium deficiency maybe?

Sorry so late. How big are those pots? How are u feeding? It looks like either rootbound or N deficiency

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Hey there. At the time of this picture, it was still the 5 gallon pots. Over the weekend we transplanted them into 10 gallon pots. When we pulled them out, the roots were definitely wrapped around and solid, so yeah, possibly root bound. Also, some looked like they were off-white and starting to turn brown, so we gave them a root treatment (Bergman’s Root Protector) and finished the transplant. Gave them a larger percentage of worm castings than before to help a little with possible nitrogen deficiency.

It was suggested part of the problem could be a heat-induced nutrient burn because it’s been so hot and they’ve been getting a lot of water. I was told I should give them a third of their regular nutrients while it’s so hot. So on Sunday they got 1/3 the normal dose of Bergman’s Grow Time fertilizer and 1/3 the normal dose of Calmag. I’ve also been bringing them under shade when it gets too hot. I’m worried that I may have induced flowering this way accidentally though because it looks like one of my girls is starting to flower but I’m pretty sure it’s WAY too early…should I be concerned? And if so, what should I do? Again, I’m in Southern California and my photos all sprouted 4/5-4/6.

Yesterday, I went through and removed all of the yellow/dead leaves and the ones that were mostly yellow. I’ve been having a hard time telling what’s new and what’s just old damage and thus have had trouble seeing any progress or worsening, so I pulled them off to essentially start fresh—fresh pots, fresh soil, fresh growth, etc.

I’m not at home right now, but I’ll take pictures when I get home and post them. Also, here is another post that I’d started (if you’re bored and want to see what else has been said). New growth is red? - #24 by BudzAldrin

(Side note: a couple of my autos started flowering. However, the one that was first to germinate and first to sprout hasn’t yet. I’m pretty sure she had a calcium deficiency though, I wonder if that could delay the flowering?)

Thanks again for your help!

No problem at all my friend! Happy to help.

Firstly GREAT job with the transplant. Im sure those roots will thank u. Smart to add some castings there as well. Vet move :+1:t5:

The shading could have triggered flowering early. To fix it just leave them in solid sun for the right amount of time. If they just thru a few pistils, by next week she should be good.

The autos… autos flower when they damn well choose. Ive seen 10 week GROWS, and ive seen 26+ week autos. Same genetics?

On the 1/3 of nutes… ive never heard of that. Actually the more sun, the more photosynthesis. The more photosynthesis, the more nutes needed. So id actually be bumping them up.

If u wanna fix heat/environmental stresses… more frequent, smaller waterings maybe what u need. Maybe half the water at sun up, half just before sun down?

Lastly. Those yellow leaves wouldnt have gotten better. Get in this habit. When u see yellowing leaves, give em a slight tug. If they come off, better for her anyway. If not, let her suck the rest dry n try again in a couple days. It gets hard to see progression when they get big. So u did correct there


Ok awesome, it sounds like I’m on the right track! I went to take some pictures but the sun is super bright so you can’t see the colors as vividly, and I realized I didn’t have a whole lot of leaves to take pictures of since I went and did the removal. I think you originally suggested to give them the slight tug so that’s what I’ve been doing. Some pluck right off, others are still holding so for the most part I let them be. There were a few that were yellow, withered and totally dead but refused to come off!

So the heat/environmental stresses—even if they’re in direct light at 90+ degree heat, it’s better not to shade them? A couple weeks ago it was 100+ every day. The other day, one girl was so pitifully wilted so I brought her into the shade and misted her and she perked up a bit. Right now they’re in the sun and there’s some drooping of the lower leaves—ONLY lower leaves though.

Here are some pictures of the left-over leaf problems. I thought these might be nute burn with the burnt tips. But since they haven’t progressed further (some of these I KNOW are old leaves), perhaps I’ve solved that problem—whether it’s nutrients or heat stress? Like I said, the sun is bright so the colors aren’t as clear though.

Finally: here’s a collective picture of my girls. All of them are taller than me (I’m 5’5”)!

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Its those biggest girls giving you the yellowing isnt it… how old are they again?

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Yes it is. They all were sprouted by 4/5-4/6 so they’re about 12 weeks old

I think the yellowing was hunger/rootbound beginning. U fixed that. The tips look like nute burn from fixing the hunger. All in all. Problem averted. How they looking this morning


Awesome, I hope you’re right! But so far, everything that’s been suggested on this thread has really helped them improve. I’ve got high hopes for my ladies :smirk: let me know if you see anything that needs remedying


Got some trees there!

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Why thank you, yes I do! And they’ve still got a few months to grow—I wonder how big they’ll be in the end? Now let’s hope they all come to fruition. When I grew before, literally one week before harvest it was cold and rainy for a week. Mold destroyed 90% of the buds. Tragic.

Definitely gonna be more careful this time around. Everyone’s help has been invaluable, seriously. So in Southern California, I should expect them to start flowering around September and they flower for about 1-2 months?

If I were to induce flowering earlier, will/can it affect my harvest or yield? With the earlier grow, the rain happened in October so I’m nervous about letting it go so long since California is starting to get actual seasons again

Ill ask the vet. @Big123 wheen do u start seeing pistils?

And those ladies looking mighty fine indeed

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My plants almost 2 months and I thought I saw one this morning, I will check later, with Auto’s they can start in like four weeks…

@PurpNGold74 thank you!

Thanks for the quick reply. Think OP in sputhern cali. Was more asking what month… but hell early July sounds too soon. On the GSC-X i bet :wink:

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