What Ratio & Which Nutrient?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

“So I want to keep a plant in a vegetative state and use clones to create more plants. I want to use a 5 gallon plastic jug with water and add nutrients, fertilizer and whatever else I need to the 5 gallon water so when I am ready to water everything comes out of the jug. No mess no fuss…. What ratio and what nutrients, fertilizer or whatever I need to add to the jug. I will be growing indoors using your gold leaf, chocolope, and blueberry.”

Thanks @ILGM.Zoe,

Dear customer, there is no easy way to repond to your question because we are missing important informations…

It will depend on the grow medium that you’ll choose and budget…

Do you want to grow in soil, soiless (like coco coir) or hydro ? Price can range from 10$ to 500$ for nutrients… Do you want to grow indoor…, what kind of light system, cfl, hid, lec or led?

I think you begin to see the picture now, so please, we need more info :relaxed:

~Al :v: :innocent:

Fox farm nutes at 1/2-1/4 Strength

And unfortunately you really cant store nutrients, so you really only want to mix up what you need and will immediately use!

Can you put a nute mix in the fridge for a week or two?