What nuts would you have in the water

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Grow question for you. If you gorilla grow , and getting the groceries to the girls was a job at best. 1. What nuts would you have in the water. 2. Is chicken sh t a good additive to you holes and existing plants. If I water onece every six or seven days do I add nuts every time I water. Thanks man. Having a blast reading this info.

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Chicken droppings are extremely hot so be careful if you go that root
Do some research on soil
Amendments wouldbe my guess
There are some here that make their own super soil
You can order nutrients from ILGM and they will ship right to the house ?
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I’m a gorilla grower as well, for the most part, and straight chicken manure will burn them up, but I mix it in with soil when I do use it, as for feeding my out of the way plants, I measure my nutes out and add them to my water when I get there because I have a stream near by…keep my water container hidden so as not to have to carry more than I have too…it may not be necessary to do but I carry my pH meter as well as my ppm meter to make any adjustments I need to in the field…it’s a chore but it’s a chore I enjoy…good luck with your grow