What nutrient fertilizer should i use for a autoflowering plant

I am going to be growing autofloweing plants they are supposedly finish in 7 weeks , i want to feed my plants for them to have better yields and improve quality if that is possible, i want to spend under $20 for a nutrient fertilizer plant food , what are my options ? And what would be best ?

The Recipe for Success is a good nutrient line that’s simple to follow with out having to tweak other nutrients .

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Home depot sells a organic liquid fertilizer called alaska fish fertilizer , is this fertilizer good to use on mariguana plants ? And how old should my plants be before i start using it ? My plants just popped out of the soil today

7 weeks? In weed calendar 7 weeks turns out to be like 12-14 weeks. I must be bored this is from last year. How long did it end up taking from seed?, just curious.

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