What next? White widow auto

Hello all…i have this WWA that is about 60 days into flower and im not sure how to handle this one. I had two other wwa’s and they finished nice buds and have been chopped. This one has grown completely different planted at the same time. I think i need to do some trimming but not sure how much.20191021_154248|375x500

Don’t trim more than 30% of the plant in a weeks time with it being an auto i wouldn’t trim

Pictures didn’t load. Wait till it’s fully loaded before posting, you should be able to edit it.
Don’t trim autos, Tuck leafs, nothing more.if you just trim do so very little.

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You can maybe remove some fan leaves where they are thick. Start with just a leaf here and leaf there where it seems neccessary. Give a few days to recover and see where you’re at. DO NOT remove all or most of them though.

Flip it to 12/12 if its getting to big and you need it to flower…:wink::+1:

Does she look healthy ??? I’m a first time grower