What macronutrients and micro nutrients should i worry about?

Hi, Im a new person to the idea of growing marijuana and I’ve been studying up on what they need. Currently Im reading guides on the guide section and it is saying that if I want to keep healthy plants i should worry about nutrients.

Next up, you need to be sure you have plenty of nutrients (What do marijuana plants need)

I looked further into this by going into the ILGM store and looking at their range of fertilizers and found a simple one cycle pack. (This link goes directly to the ILGM store to a product) Tiny pack i found.

Now I want to sell for profit and that is quite a bit of money to spend for one plant so I was wondering if there were cheaper versions that I could use that would hold up for a few cycles and had the right amount of macro and micro nutrients to grow a couple of Amnesia Haze (Fem). Also for this strain I was wondering what nutrients I should focus on. Any help would be amazing.

You would need to look at the feeding schedule to see how much of what is added to the water and when.

Every company publishes their own recommended feeding schedules.

I’m sure those would get you through multiple grows if only growing a couple of plants. There are other options as well. Really depends on what works for you and what part of the world you live in.

Most nutrients have a “big 3” that you can buy and it will last you multiple grows (depending on the size of pots and number of plants)