What light setting to use for Mars Hydro LED

I have a Mars Hydro 192 and am wondering which setting I should be using for veg stage. I have been using just the growth switch. My light meter has a scale from 1-10 and says it’s only a 6 with grow switch on. If I have both grow and bloom switches on it shows a 7.

I have the meizhi leds very similar I flip both switches on for hole grow you will just have to try and see all. Trial and error


I have the same light as you do, a Reflector 192. I run the Growth Switch for Veg state and both switches for the bloom state. I have had really good results. The key i think is how far above the plants the light is. This is what i got from there web sit as far as directions for how high to hang light.

Recommended Hanging Distance Above Plants

Seedling: 24’’ Germination: 24β€™β€˜-30’’ Veg: 18β€™β€˜-24’’ Flower: 12β€™β€˜-18’’

I have been following the directions to the light so far, but have moved the light a little closer to the plants now in the last 4 weeks of bloom. I have moved my light to 10 - 14 inches away and it has worked great.
Hope you have a great grow. :sunglasses:


Keeping the bloom switch off during veg should help keep the nodes on your plant a little tighter. It will absolutely have more output with both switches on, but you can usually veg nicely with less power. Plant will grow either way, will just stretch a little more with the reds on.