What kinds of things can be done to make the sprouts stage the shortest?

As in get those little green babies up to their fourth cluster of leaves AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

~ One obvious one is to not plant seeds too deep (ask me how I recently know) so they don’t delay standing up once they break the shell - but I still like to start plants - where they will BE…

In other words, eliminate transplant stress completely!

Some growing stresses are normal to all things - others are un-natural - even if they result in bigger growth. Those result in delays as healing and over-healing happen, much like hypertrophy for a body builder.

So is “Quick and Super Strong” better than “Patient, and Promoting High Health”?


Damage a plant to stimulate it, or figure out the things it really wants and spoil all merry hell out of the plant…

We have options, and no time to explore them all. Unless we each make some mistakes that turned out fortuitous and share the results with everybody

I WISH THERE WAS AN ILGM VIDEO GAME, because then I could have “SAVED GAMES” where I could try things over again and again…

Unfortunately we don’t.

But to get perfect sprouts means precisely that: Get them perfect. That is the only way to ensure they have an advantage and grow well.

And so I suppose the question becomes:
“What is the most perfect way we can launch seedlings?”

~ a topic probably older than the original hydrogen atom :alien:

BUT what I mean about it is not just kicking it out of it’s shell! That is easy…

It may be two and a half weeks before the plant is not a “BABY” anymore. IN THAT TIME it reaches a size respectable enough to be considered “VEGETATIVE STAGE” - but this stage is not mentioned here…

Day ONE (UNO!) is not the day you stuck a seed in the dirt…

H1 is NOT the day you found out if the cops or somebody else found your plants… :disappointed_relieved:

We have to be smarter than that

So for one - how long is this NEGLECTED TO MENTION stage normally going to be expected to run?

I think it averages a week to two, but what have the rest of you seen?

  • I apologize if this seems like I am “HACKING AT” people who have generously given wonderful advice. Also if it has already been studied and I missed it (it’s all a new thing).

But yeah - that’s a magnificent daydream, “How to increase and accellerate sprout growth”

~ Ya think?

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Mykos bubbled with molasses helped knock a week off of the 4 node transplant time for me @FrikkinFrank