What kind of indoor set up would be the best environment for 2 plants?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

I will only be growing 2 plants but would like to know the best way to do that, I have a 12 bandwidth full spectrum KIND LED grow light and 3 T 5 lights. What kind of indoor set up would be the best environment for 2 plants?


That depends on your situation
A grow tent is a great way to get started


I suggest a 4x4 tent myself extra room is always good 3-4 plants in this size tent

Youll need so other items as well exhaust fans and clip on fans to move air carbon filter
This second kit is just so you can see what all youll need

Hope this helps
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Hey thank you so much for responding to my question! I am new to growing and would love a mentor! I have a Kind LED Light and 3 T5’s.

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Do you have a model number?

Ideally 4x4 for two photoperiod plants is a great size. However, your light is the real determining factor on what sort of grow space you need since you already have the light. So more details about which specific light it is will help us understand it’s coverage potential.


It is the KIND LED K3. What are your thoughts on that, is that enough along with the T-5’s for a couple plants?

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@CannaMarcus knowing how many watts the light is would help us determine
Ill go on anlimb and say yes thi they are some nice lights :+1:

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Exact Watts 220, HID equivalent 300 watts is what I found. I have a choice I can either use that light or upgrade to a more powerful Kind LED light. I am only growing for myself so I would like to know what would be the best LED light to go with?

Here are the other options Kind has. If you suggest something else I’m all ears! I just wanted to go with LED to minimize my electric use.