What issue is this and how to correct it?

So I am growing HubbaBubbaHaze from Mephisto genetics and the breeders warn that she is sensitive to nitrogen and they were not kidding, this plant has had N tox early on and I adjusted my nutrient ratios which corrected the issue. That being said, as I go deeper into flower (finishing week 3 I believe I have to check) my tips have become more yellow and some have even turned brown afterward and I am not sure if its light stress or a massive potassium deficiency or what it could be.

I notice the middle canopy leaves also are yellow but it’s the top ones that have gone a little brown at the tips after being yellow for awhile.

The issue I am also having is that because it is sensitive to nitrogen, I have to limit my calmag which is 2-0-0, my flora micro and flora gro which all have N in it. I up the PPM by raising my bloom and koolbloom to ridiculous amounts and the ppm is still under 500 which is very low for an autoflower or photoperiod to be flowering.

Not sure what to do, what is causing these yellow tips and tips to turn brownish at the end after some time and how to deal with raising PPM on a plant that can’t handle nitrogen that well.

Growing in a DWC setup, using 3 gals of water in a 5 gallon bucket.

Using Silica, Calmag, flora trio (micro gro bloom), KoolBloom, Diamond Nectar, Rapid Start and UC roots to keep res healthy.

using 240W quantum board at 24 inches away at 55% wattage due to my chiller arriving Sunday so once I set it up I will blast the wattage gradually like normal and I won’t have to worry about heating up my plant reservoir temperatures.

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