What is wrong with my plant ? 😩

What is wrong with my plant . The last 3 days it has been getting worse and worse .


Can you get a pic with out the light on.
The color takes what we need to see away…Thanks

And Welcome to ILGM

@garrigan62 yes when I get back home tonight I will .

If you have a pretty intense led try putting it no closer than 12in from your seedling, it kinda looks like she may be folding away from the light. Just a suggestion. Also make sure your soil isn’t bone dry or anything

I have a Mars hydro 192 and have it 24" from plant . @LTX

I would move it a little closer try 18in or 12in at 24in you start to lose par needed for photosynthesis. I’m no expert but I have a similar light and 18in does great when they are small. And once they get a little bigger I go 12in away. Then back to 18in during flower for a bigger spread. I only have one light to work with so I move it around

@LTX I’ll give it a shot! Thank you

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