What Is Wrong With My Girl

Couple of days ago I started seeing discoloration on fan leaves. This is a White Widow Feminized from Southern Oregon Seeds. Growing outdoors in HOT Louisiana. Last 2 weeks avg 94 day and 72 night temps. Humidity avg 65%. Growing in fabric pot. Using Fox Farm Trio per schedule. Had to plant late. Germinated on 6/23 started flowering 8/19. I have five plants, four healthy and this one. First grow and first post, but have learned a lot from y’all. Any help suggestions appreciated.

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Is that all over your plant or concentrated on one bud site?
Your plants are looking pretty good. Could be just a genetic thing. If the plant is still growing well I think you are good to go.

It is concentrated just near the top of the plant. Thanks for your reply!

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Looking good from what i saw, set to watching welcome to the forum

You will see harlequin leaves on occasion. Just an odd distribution of chlorophyll, likely. It’s nothing to worry about.

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Thanks all for the replies. I was the kid in kindergarten whose sunflower seed didnt sprout when everyone elses did… First thing I have planted since that traumatic episode…lol

The late start I got is killing me now. We are at or above 95 degrees for the last 8 days and forecast for next 6 days are 100 plus. RH is as high as 90% overnight. I could tell some of the plants were really struggling so i took three indoors and left the three that seem to enjoy the heat and humidity outside. The three I brought in were in week 3 of flowering but still look like they just started. Not sure what will happen by moving them inside but they sure perked up in 75 degree weather and 45% RH.

Update. I ended up bringing all the plants indoors. They were really suffering under these hot Louisiana temps and humidity. They are all looking healthier and happy to be in 70 degree 40% humidity tent. I am sure that my yield will suffer significantly due to all the stress, but the flowers are starting to stack. Not the way I pictured my first grow going but I learned a lot and appreciate everyone’s assistance.


Lessons learned are more valuable than we know


I put my indoor plant outside every day I can. If you want to give them some sunlight it won’t hurt.

I cant because of where I live. Nosy neighbors.


They should be fine.

Getting close for a few of them. Just goes to show you how Hardy these plants are. Even I couldn’t kill them.