What is up with these palm sized leaves?

Seems when these WWs start growing out, if these style leaves take over how will any light get thru to bottom areas. Are they going to change shape as they mature or is it a WW strain thing? Other people’s grows don’t seem to be this shape and these are getting bigger every day. Only one plant of 5 is grow any significant height. The four others are flat as a pancake but getting huge. All are 21 days from germination.


Yes that is normal I usually get a few that are bigger than my hand but they do reduce in size the bigger your plant gets. It’s nothing to worry about right now they all look great. If when you flower her yoy still have a few real big leaves you can remove a few or tuck them below the bud site so they don’t block light. Another thing you can do would be to start LST and get the middle of your girls opened up


@Sirsmokes has you covered
lol have fan leaves that would cover my face right now lol so yeah all good

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In veg you WANT big leaves. That’s your sugar production.

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Are they autoflower if you look at ruderalis thay have fatty leaves

No , they are WW of the phot variety. They just seem to look different than everyone else’s. Not a genome thing either, all five of mine look like this.

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I grew ww a few grow ago and i have a few going now they look just like yours bro