What is Topping?

@bob31 im actually going to an event at the convention center today where there will be drs to talk to about getting my card. I hope my treatment plan is sufficient enough :confused: yeah if i pay the additional growers fee i think i can have up to 5 plants…i believe they either give seeds and a plant im not too sure. My mom is going to renew her card so shell be there to help me ask questions. Im in New Mexico and you?

Good luck @torixredduer don’t know too many folks from NM

I’m in Massachusetts here. We have medical here and recreation sales beginning next year.

I grow my own. I try not to depend on the government for anything more than I need to but the mmj has been a God Send here!

@torixredduer let me know how you make out!

PS mmj here doesn’t mean cheap mj at least not here. Just to get and maintain the mmj status costs about $500 a year. Money we will be spending on more important things like food and gas! Lol

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thank you @bob31 idk if this grow will turn out too well but live and learn and hopefully the jext grow will go better. Im not out of the woods yet i hope these plants can turn around! I got the dates wrong so today is actually the day we will go see the drs that can provide us with our cards, fingers crossed!

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When should you stop topping? Is it ok to do it the 1st couple weeks of flowering?

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This is a hard question. I think you should stop when you decide it’s big enough and you have the amount of tops(big colas) you wish and you want to put her in 12/12 schedule. Just my thoughts.

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@muffybunny once flowering begins, no more topping. You will be cutting off your viable buds!


Thinking about topping or fimming this one, just transplanted and possibly have some leaf discoloring- waiting on a pH meter - just not sure if it would shock it too much a week after transplanting. Any advice?.

If I was you I would top that and clean up the lower part of the plant

Yea, it’s getting crowded in there. Will be my first prune, so fingers crossed. Planning to get the larger “fan leaves” since the secondary growth near it seems to have multiple growths from the node - can’t barely get in there lol. Should I go for the lower branch of the double up on this pic? It’s for the large fan leaf - in the middle of the pic. Treating for cla/mag deficiency right now, so the purple red branches are on the list - seems to the the large fan leaf branches that mostly turned reddish purple… they are responding to the cal/mag!

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It got so much denser the last couple days… should be entertaining lol, other lady is all trimmed and starting to get the explosive under growth!

Good luck :crossed_fingers: and be gentle :+1:

Just read I shouldn’t prune the large fan leaves… thankfully haven’t done anything yet. I want the top portion to get taller prior to topping, would just raising the light do it?


I think that helps. In my case a few youtube videos,

Cleared it out at the bottom pretty well - have a couple future clones as well, I never clipped the bottom branches, thinking o can use that lol. Hoping it’ll open up so I can get the upper part next week.

Thanks everyone!!!

Looking good.
In the end, the lower part will produce small popcorn buds and the quality of those buds will not be very good, so it’s better to clean everything.

Yep yep, planning on getting it this weekend, to give it time between