What is thr best srartiiig soil mix

Is FFOF to strong for seedlings ? I have had mixed regults

I’ve read a ton of mixed opinions on this, personally I did 50/50 half ffof and half ffhf. And all 3 seeds I planted sprouted and are thriving.

Thanks bubbles. WW and Gold leaf did fine. Trying a couple more supwr akunk and amnessia both auto flower. To replace blueberry and n lights they failed to come up

I just planted some REALLY pricey seeds and i used pro mix hp. Very nice and cheap. But i buy 8qft every month. I need a lot.


Commercial cannabis growers, believe it or not use those cheap plastic 2 inch multi squared starter trays. They use straight peat and lay the peat in a tray and spray it with tap water until its spongy so that if you squeeze it you might get a drip or two. Then they fill the containers and firmly pack the cells and I mean firmly! Then they put more on top andbpack em again, it essentially makes a peat puck. They are also pre moistened. Then 1/2 inch holes are made with a punch and seed is dropped into each hole. More peat is thrown on and packed slightly and the remainder is scraped off. The final step is to spray the tray with some water and yer dun! So peat is king, no fertilizer… just peat and water.

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According to utah state universitys cannabis research program the best media is 50% peat and 50% vermiculite mixed with dlomite lime and gypsum crets a perfect 5.8ph media. They call it the most premium media.

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Makes sense! But to germinate a seed and have it in a firm plug for immediate transplant the straight peat plug is ideal. Its why the peat pot works the plug is just cheaper to make. Its very temporary. The seed has all the nutrients to get it through to transplant. I believe that was the OPs original question, whats the best starting soil mix. Unless the Op is planting the seed in a 6 inch pot or larger? That was never discussed? Some of the best dope Ive ever grown was direct seed to outdoor soil. Right smack in the dirt!

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I put mine directly into FFOF soil. No issues.


I use ffof but have seen folks mixing it with coco they require call mate. Straight ffof has nuts. Already in it

I sure hope so because I’m using FFOF for the upper 2/3 of an air pot and on the bottom trying a new soil called Natures Living Soil (original). I’m growing Autos from ILGM this time. The premise for the bottom layer of soil is to keep from adding nutes later. Have you tried this method yet? It’s only my second grow but first with auto.

I also was curious how you deal with soil gnats. Do you pretreat your soil with something before using it? I doubt my FFOF will be bug free. Never tried it yet though. First grow ended up trying SNS 217 for spider mites and it worked great. Then tried SNS 209 for soil gnats. They seemed to enjoy the bath. ;D lol i had twice as many. Still ready for harvest in a few days but what a nightmare. Yellow sticky sheets covered in those buggers consistently through out the entire grow.

There have been other growers that have been successful with this grow method. I personally have not tried it.

Look for mosquito bits on amazon. Just sprinkle about 2 tbs on the top of your soil and water in. I know it says chemicals, but it’s really a bacteria that kill the larvae.