What is this plant telling me?

Ok. So it’s a 9 week old blue dreammatic from fast buds. In ocean forest soil. Fed 25% dose of the fox farm big bloom and tiger bloom after 6 weeks. And then a 50% strength dose on week 7. Nothing but 6.5 ph water the last 2 weeks, since she has been looking like she was getting close to finishing.
Ppm is 200 going in and runoff was 769 this morning. I’m fighting high humidity in the tent so I haven’t actually flushed. Just water to runoff.
Any advice??

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Still pushing pistils: another week at least. Not much you can do with the deficiencies/excesses this far along. Water only for the rest of it’s life? Pretty much what I’d do and monitor the runoff.


Ok thanks for the quick reply.
Pretty much what I thought.
But this humidity is killing me.
Tent is too full. Ready for these autos to finish up!

What @Myfriendis410 says…:+1:


I put a dehumidifier in mine for the final push but it jumps the temps up. If you can get it down under 50% with lots of airflow you’ll be fine.

I would suggest doing a bud wash at harvest. Look up Jorge Cervantes Bud Washing on Youtube.


Myfriendis410 pretty much said it. Thanks for the tag.

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What brand controller is this ?

That’s the ac infinity digital controller

One fan controls temp and humidity?

Yeah. You can also add a second fan to the controller. It doesn’t dehumidify in the normal sense. It just raises the fan speed to try and exhaust some humidity.

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Wouldn’t the controller end up battling itself? Say temp is good but humidity is high . It turns on the fan to lower humidty causing it to lowers temp with it. Guess I need a science lesson on this one lol

It’s one or the other. Set it for humidity or temp. Not sure if you can run one fan on humidity and the other on temp but I don’t think you can.

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Oh I gotcha. can do both just not at the same time

Correct. Infinity ac fan controller. It is a silly concept to have 4 different settings doing the same thing. All turn the fan on, and only up to the max speed that you have it set on when it is in the constant ON mode. I think it should have a minimum fan setting as well. Instead of just a max setting. But, it works. My lung room air is cooler and less humid than inside the tent. So if you turn the low humidity and low temp settings to a point where they won’t work, it does what you need it to do. It sucks in cooler air or less humid air when needed. But not when the air conditioning isn’t keeping my place under 60% humidity right now. Even when it’s 66 degrees in here… Lol.
I didn’t think it got that humid in here with the ac, until I got this controller. And also a bunch of the small hygrometer/temp things to put in jars. They’re sitting around the house right now.
So I guess now I know that I actually NEED a dehumidifier

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Menards saved the day. Humidity is down to 50% in the tent. Got a 50 pint Pelonis dehumidifier and it started helping immediately.
Filled its 1gal tank in about 6 hrs the first 2 tankfulls. Working on it’s 3rd tank full now. And it has a built in pump. So I’m just going to start filling my watering buckets with the water now.
Win-win. Except for the 7+ amps it draws.

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@Myfriendis410 @MrPeat @Bulldognuts
Do you guys flush with anything special, or just water? I know she still needs flushed better.
But the trichs I see on the main parts of the bud are really amber. And the darn tent is just too full.
Now that I have the DH, I feel more comfortable flushing her with more water.
Just wondering how you guys flush soil

Look at all that amber. I normally don’t flush but I will be using FF Sledgehammer from here on out. :+1:


I use the GH product Flora Kleen. Same as Sledgehammer.


300ppm going in. 775 coming out.
Had about 1/4gal of runoff after watering with 2gal