What is this guys?

Upon closer inspection those are holes, and they’re all in the middle of the new grow. Typically at the highest colas.

I used some Mammoth-Bio a couple of weeks ago for two days and that seemed to work, but I was afraid to apply it again during this early flowering stage. Or maybe it so late in veg.

Thanks guys


Some kind of leaf eater obviously so get some bug/insecticide repellent. Another thread has a link for it from amazon. It will b safe if you use it ASAP. Plus you want to end that shit now if she’s about to flower. Be aggressive but don’t over spray. Captain Jacks.

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Thanks. This is what I used.

Keep hitting it with that. You’re past the preventive point though so make sure you coat those under leaves. You don the want that hooper to jump plants. Do them all for max protection.

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  • Vessels: Pots, Grow beds, Buckets, Troths
  • PH of Water, Solution, runoff (if Applicable)
  • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable
  • Indoor or Outdoor
  • Light system
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  • Humidity; Day, Night
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That’s as clear as I can make the photo, sorry.

Day 81 Outdoors

Roberts Feminized Gorrilla Glue in the photo.

Happy Frog in 5gal fabric pots

Fox Farms Trio w/CalMag supplement.

The only two times I’ve put anything on was the Mammoth bio preventative about three weeks ago.

I just did my second flush on that schedule and the ppm numbers were 416 to low 700’s. I ha e the luxury of being able to use fans 24/7 outside, so I can the smart pots out quickly. Especially with the heat. I fed them again two days after the flush, but we had 1.5 of rain over night, so they were effectively flushed again, so I tested their ppm again and they were in the from 700 to 1100, so I put the fans on the pots and fed them only half.

So it was 94 and 85% so I just kept the fans on them obviously and I put my auto in the shade.

This is the BlueDreamatic from Seedsman. 54days

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Thank you sir

So I just applied a good soaking on, in, under, and around everything except the auto. I only used 1/3rd of the prescribed dose of the Mammoth because I wanted to do another application tomorrow because it’s supposed to rain tonight and possibly tomorrow.

Whadaya think @Myfriendis410. ?

[Uploading: B8407990-EBB2-47A8-AD3F-CC8EE9649272.jpeg…]

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No idea. I know Spinosad works.

This is after the application. The reason I used the Mammoth Bio is because the price was right.

I’m still curious what pest leaves this calling card. It’s only in the location in the photos.


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Gotta be Leafhoppers or Cabbage Loopers man

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Nice work btw, i’d like to call that “Playing with a Loaded Deck” lol if you’re a card player

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I called the shop where I got the Mammoth and they told me I could mix it very light and wait a day or two
and apply it very lightly again in about three days.

FWIW I agree with Myfriendis410 , I use Spinosad and BT (and nets) religiously

@Green707Thumb @Myfriendis410 When can you start applying as a preventive? My ladies are only 3 weeks plus but it the Midwest and bugs galore. I was thinking in 2 weeks when they are big enough to transfer to 5 gal.

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Yea should be fine, as soon as you can see leaf damage, :bug:doodoo etc good idea to start using one or both imho

You got plenty of time to get them clean n clear before flower but I don’t pretend to know what it’s like in the Midwest - everyone bumps Nelly and hates the Rams right?? :joy:


Start applying it whenever you want and plan to continue every 5 days or so until harvest. That should stay ahead of anything nasty. I notice that GH has a ‘preventative’ available but haven’t tried it.


I hate the owner of the rams organization. I stopped caring about football when they ghosted us. That’s a rough subject… Nelly just had some outdoor concert to celebrate his first album. That stuff was hot back then not anymore :joy: although he still does shows some how. :exploding_head:

The Midwest: hot and humid like hell. I’m getting my practice in now just in case.

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