What is the shortest growing plant with the most buds?

What is the shortest growing plant with the most buds?

I have limited space. This is my question to the world of Pros on this great site…


Hmm I’m thinking Ak47 but Strawberry Kush is also an excellent choice for limited space.

OK, thanks… I am growing Strawberry Cough thinking i am going to have to do the bend on down the road …

If you’re looking for short, I’d stick with an Indica dominant strain. The more Indica the better, IMHO.
So, go for a heavy yielding indica or indica dominant strain. Maybe Gelato, Zkittlez, Big Bud or even an Afghan. There are others but those just popped Into my brain


You can make any plant short if you scrog it. A scrog will also create a ton of bud sites.


What is scrog?

Scrog = screen of green. Enter “Scrog” into the search box and you"lol get plenty of thread hits

Some of the other guys can give you more details. I’m still getting back into growing again.

I am stupid how do I do that

SCreen Of Green. You basically make a screen and as the plant grows up though it, you push it back under the screen and keep going. It keeps all the buds at the same level so they all get the same amount of light.


I see, I actually learned something and just ordered some gold bud seeds…

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Look at the top of the page. There should be a magnifying glass icon. Click it and it leads you to a place you can enter search terms. :+1:

Gold leaf is a big producer. That bottom pic gave up 11oz and was only around 24” tall including the pot.

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Assume, so I ordered some good seeds … ya Gold Leaf not bud… Gold Bud was all we had when I was a kid LOL! the 70’s back in the day…

Thanks, I did not know that…

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Here is a Gold Bud put into flowering 9/19. Any recommendations about trimming during flowering. Thanks, first grow and a crowded tent.

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I prefer to have major pruning, LST / shaping done before going into flower. At this point I would tie down the branches coming off the main / central stem. Remove some of the secondary growth from these branches that are in the center of the plant and on the bottom half of the plant (lollipop). You will also have to bend and tie down the main stem. Tie everything off so they are the same height.
Because it is an auto and in flower you don’t want to hack it up too much. But you can open the center and spread and flatten the canopy.

These are AK47s. The piece of red tape on the back wall is 30" off the ground. The net isn’t really doing anything. I wasn’t sure how much they would stretch.

However, early on they were trained low


I know this is an “Indoor” post but would you guys suggest these methods outdoors?
@towero420 welcome …Plant looks good!
@BobbyDigital @beardless Oh man those look tasty!!! !!

I do not grow outdoors. I don’t think it is really necessary to train outdoor plants. It is done for indoor grows to maximize a stationary constant light source. That is not to say you can’t. I know some lollipop, defoliate and top while others like the natural form.