What is the problem?

On the botton there are some dry leafs and the soil has some bugs. I’ve used natural Pest controll spray but it was not working. The plant looks like very thin. Im water ing her with mimeral water and also giving her herb food.

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@Wikcsi. Welcome to ILGM.
Being in the window will make the plant leggy.
The glass has uv inhibitors that will limit the useable spectrum that the plant receives.
A bit of lower leaf die off is normal as the plant grows and shades out the bottom.
Also that plant is getting a bit large for that pot.
Here is a support ticket to fill out.
It will give us enough info to make an informed diagnosis.



The above advise is sound, I can add that you need to identify insects or infestations before you come up with a battle plan. Using natural or chemical pesticides interoperate, can build up an insect’s tolerance and make radiation much more difficult. You could be shooting at hippopotamuses with a bb gun, or at hamsters with an atomic bomb!

A well thought out and executed battle plan with precision strikes and timing will eradicate the problem most effectively.


You’re in great shape with these guys, excellent info. I would like to see support ticket too.

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