What is the best fluorescent lights to use for amnesia haze?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

What is the best fluorescent lights to use for amnesia haze?

For veg you want lights in the 4000k range
Flowering youll need bulbs in the 3200k range
Flouresent lights aren’t the best to flower with tho IMHO


I use a 4ft 4 tube t5 ho fitting from start to finish . Bear in mind my indoor growspace is only 600mm high so I have plenty of light saturation. To veg plants I use 3 tubes @6500k and 1 tube @2700k to supply a mixed light spectrum. The 6500k keeps the plants compact during veg. Once my autos start showing signs of flowering I remove 1 of the 6500k and replace it with a 2700k so for the first true week of flowering I have 2 tubes @2700k and 2 tubes @6500k. ! week later I repeat the process again which leaves me with 3 2700k and 1 6500k for the remainder of the flowering cycle. It works well for me in my situation. To get the best out of flouro lights you really need to keep plants short and if using photoperiod plants trigger flowering early so plants dont get too tall for the lights output.

It’s hard to get enough light out of fluorescent lamps for dense buds. You really have to pack in the T5s or CFLs to fill the overhead space, and make the space behind them reflective so most of the light ends up on the plants.