What is the best/ economical reflective material to use in a grow room

I’m just starting my room and new to the whole “inside” thing and was wondering what is the best/cheap reflective shiney material to use in my room?

cheapest------1" pvc frame 90 degree elbows and “T” fittings for base. build to your needs.
use cheap plain white shower curtains.

wanna get fancy? mylar on same pvc frames with duct tape to hold.

Flat white paint. Durable, washable, no hot spots.

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Bet ya I can go cheaper.

I have a 5’ tall cardboard box in my hallway wot my new freezer came in, so there’s 2’ x 2’ x 5’. I know how cheap white paint is, I’m never without duct tape and I’m sure I could figure out how to fit existing fans to this in true Blue Peter fashion using cardboard, duct tape, string, washing up liquid bottles and some sticky-back plastic. Go to your local Best Buy or whatever and ask if they have such huge boxes, especially for a large “American Style” huge walk in thing, you might get lucky and be able to take away what they see as trash.

Remember, I taught MacGyver everything he knows…

Thanks I just ordered 10 mylar blankets off Amazon for 6.99 with 2 day shipping