What is the best airconditioner for growing marijuana

My garden helps supply a local medical marijuana buyer’s club. I have it set up with three flowering rooms with four or five lights in each room. There is also a mother garden and a clone hall. We produce a large amount of marijuana but I’m having trouble with containing the heat. I decided it would be a good idea to buy a 90,000-BTU air conditioning unit. I calculated that each of the lights emitted about 3,200 BTU’s of heat, meaning the system wouldn’t ever function near capacity. But, I neglected to notice that the unit was controlled by only a single thermostat, meaning that I could only keep one room at an ideal temperature. I looked into temperature-controlled registers, but they weren’t at all practical. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

You’re best option is to tear out this unit and install a more efficient system. You could still use the unit for the biggest marijuana grow room, but it would be running inefficiently and at a small fraction of its power.

Other than redesigning the system, there are a few changes you could attempt. You might think of installing thermostat-controlled registers, but they’d have to be custom-made as they don’t appear to be made commercially. An A/C thermostat in each room could help control the shutters. The A/C thermostat would be put in the warmest room, but should be on a long line to increase mobility from space to space. You would have open shutters in the warmest marijuana grow room, but the shutters in other rooms would close when the air temperature reduced to a certain predefined level.

If you had the opportunity to start all the way over, there would be two efficient ways to do this. The first option would be to put room air conditioners in every room so the heat is exchanged into the hallway. The hot air flows through an electrostatic precipitator to expel odor as it goes out of the building. This type of system has increased flexibility and doesn’t cause wholesale panic if one were to malfunction. Beyond that, the appliances are cheap and easy to replace. A well-installed central A/C with individually controlled station is simple and fun to use. Set it and forget it.


Split system in each room each room will have a remote control so you can choose what temp you want for each room and you can also put hepa filters in them might cost a bit where you live but probably be worth it you can get fairly cheap efficient ones here in Australia hope that raises a few ideas.