What is happening to my girls?

I came home yesterday to a couple distasters. My ac went out and all the plants dropped down from the heat. I’ve been battling it got the ac working again now this is happening. The ph is 5.8 it was up to 7.0 but I got it stabilized now. Is this a sign of too much light intensity?


It could be a few things…heat stress, overwatering or over feeding. Have you turned up the intensity to your light?


Can you say what was the Temp and RH?

I turned up the intensity but turned it back down.

The leaves curling up is heat stress. Leaves curl up to save the moisture. Dim down. Are you watering to run off?

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I am seeing the same exact topic in more than one thread. Can you localize your posts to one? I like keeping up on stuff and having these same discussions in one post would really help.

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This is actually an old grow of mine. I don’t grow hydro anymore but you can find All my current grow journals at My perpetual grow journal ( a lot you can do with a home office) - #304 by matty777
Just set to watch! Appreciate your interest brother.