What is digging in my coco? 😭

i use a LOT of gamecams, both for hunting purposes and for property surveillance where the electricity can’t reach. The bushnells are nice but you can get a StealthCam (made right here in Richmond VA) for decent prices on Amazon. THEY, designed FLIR for our military and have had this technology the longest in that game :wink: You don’t have to get a “pricey” one for what you’re trying to achieve. A 10mp or less one is perfect. Doesn’;t have to be a special “blackout” LED model either (that is so it doesn’t flash or make light when taking pics/video, which is VERY important for me for trespassers poaching our fields at night in hunting season, to remain undetected :wink: ).


I just wanted to update… it was a mouse. My wife whacked it w a broom and threw it outside and I was horrified or I would have got you guys that pic lmaooo!! We took all the food out of the cabinets and put them in new totes w lids. Kinda drove them out I guess. (Knock on wood) I’m still scared to put the food back. Haven’t seen one in a while. Hopefully they’re gone. Before we put our food back in the cabinets, I have to crawl under the house and see if I can find a hole where they could have found their way in. We have never seen a mouse in the house before and I’m still pretty freaked out. Was ready to stop growing altogether bc I was scared the plants lured them in :joy: it made me sick to see the plants so tortured too.


Glad to know y’all got it figured out. Thanks for letting us know what it was. Good luck with everything else! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

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