What is causing this....?

Hey guys, I wanted to share my latest grow with you, and hopefully get some feedback on what you clever folk think is up with one of my girls? I am just over 6 weeks into veg, I transplanted them for the last time 3 days ago, I’m just waiting for them to acclimatise before I flip to flower. I have 2 blueberry photos, under 400w HPS, in an organic super soil mix. Both plants are almost identical, which makes it even more bizarre that just one plant looks to be struggling with something. I initially thought it was over-watered, but I’m using a moisture meter to regulate feeds, and I’m using fabric pots which dry out super quick, which makes me doubt that over watering is the issue here. I’m left thinking that this is a nitrogen toxicity, as it has most of the symptoms. I’ve given her a little flush today, so I’ll see if she recovers at all. Let me know what you think dudes. :v:

2 photos below are of the affected plant

Below is the other plant

It’s showing some, but if you’re in living soil, you shouldn’t need to flush. It’s also presenting as underwatering, from the droop, unless it’s close to lights out. Sometimes they relax at lights out.

So I gave them plenty of water the day before I transplanted them and the plant didn’t perk up. When I came to transplant them the soil was drier than I was expecting, but not completely dried out, which for me rules out under or over watering? I took the photo a couple of hours after the lights came back on, so I can’t say that’s simply in a state of relaxation, but it has been like this for almost a week now without any significant change?

Well this is what is confusing me, as I have always grown in living soil and have never had to flush before. And when I say I flushed on this occasion, I use the term loosely, it was more of a heavy watering. The trouble is there is so much conflicting information out there, that if you over-research then you just find yourself more confused than when you started out. In your opinion @Covertgrower, how would I remedy a nitrogen toxicity in living soil if flushing was not an option?

I have checked them this morning and the affected plant looks to have perked up a little bit, so hopefully that is promising signs.

So ultimately I’m still not confident of what is causing this issue, I have experienced it in previous grows and it has never been overly detrimental, I just think it looks awful, and I worry that it is holding her back from achieving potential greatness. Lights are out as I type this, but hoping to see her later and take some updated pics, I’m hoping she’ll have improved by then :crossed_fingers::pray:

Thanks for your input @Covertgrower ! Much appreciated dude :v:

I’d you maintain a a good level of moisture, it will keep the bacteria alive. You allowed your medium to dry out and it’s upset the balance. Having good watering practices in living soil is vital to the balance.
Water to run off, don’t let it dry out. Moist but not wet, unless you’ve watered. It’s okay to water to run off every time now. The plant is big enough that it can take it, as long as you don’t water every day, you’ll do great.


Thanks @Covertgrower that gives me some peace of mind. I do find it difficult to regulate moisture as I use fabric pots from start to finish which dry out so quick you can’t take your eye off the ball. It’s only when I’ve transplanted to the bigger pots where it feels less of a hassle to stay on top of things. I probably shoot myself in the foot by using fabric pots in the potting up process, up until the final pot size at least, but I am a firm believer that they help keep the roots healthy, none of the plants I have grown have ever been root bound as a result of using fabric pots, it just make regulating the moisture a challenge.

Hopefully I’ll see further progress in her when I check up on her later.

Thanks again @Covertgrower, I appreciate your time :v:

I also appreciate your time for posting all the pictures that you do we all enjoy watching you grow!

They can and as you progress to your grow, you will see a certain pattern as they dry out. Example if it takes about the fourth day and they start to look wilty, water on the third day and just keep it on that schedule. There is adequate wet and dry times in between waterings so it won’t be considered overwatering.
Happy growing! :seedling:

EDIT: As you head into flowering you will have to water more often until finishing. When they finish they stop drinking/feeding so much.

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It might’ve had a lot of root shock from transplant.
Keep the soil moist and hopefully it perks up a bit more in the coming week.

Appears to be blatant overwatering to me. What has your watering schedule been like?

Well it’s good news, the plant looks so much happier already, so I can rule out over watering. A few of the leaves are still showing signs of ‘the claw’, but they have severely reduced from what they were, so potentially a little heavy on the nitrogen, but on a whole it looks much healthier, not sure if the heavy watering was all it required, we shall see in the next few days. I will post a photo update when I get a chance, I was in a rush this evening. Thanks for the input dudes, I love this community :v:

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The Claw
Yeah, looks like too much nitrogen

I had the same issue with one of my skittlez autos I knew I had the watering down to a science with it so couldn’t b that as soon as I flushed she was pushing out 3500 ppm brought it down to about 1200 and she picked right back up the next day. Do a flush. Shoot I didn’t realize how old this post was I never read the dates.