What is ailing this little guy?

Noticed this browning abrasion on lower leaves and it’s since spread up the plant and is now working its way through the upper two nodes.

Initially it was thought that the leaves were burned from coming in contact with the soil but I don’t see how that could be if it is spreading up the plant.

The humidity/temp is fine and the light is a good distance away and not too bright.
Not sure what it could be since it doesn’t resemble any deficiencies or diseases I have come across.

The second photo I shared shows the start of the spread on the topmost leaves while the other two are the bottom leaves after a few days of spreading.

Any input is appreciated!

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Where are the leaves touching the soil at any point? If they were not then you’re going to have a phosphorus or manganese problem.

Here’s a couple of resources that should be bookmarked.
They can be found in the Grow Guides section of the site. Link at very top of page.

Best of luck to you!!

Hell - this will be easier! LOL!

Mag problem

Good morning @bobbydylan whats your PH? Too acidic and and certain semi-mobile nutes like calcium can’t be taken in. 6.2 is the low range for calcium. Soil or coco, age, medium and nutrients you’re using? Do you have a TDS and PH pen? Not too late to remedy this issue. The affected leaves won’t recover but the main thing to look for is new growth showing this symptom :love_you_gesture:

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4.5 weeks old, using FFOF FFHF, in smart pots.
don’t have a ppm meter but i’ll check the pH.
not using any nutes yet as i just transplanted a week or so ago.

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PH is usually where I start,

ph is about 7.3. is that too high?

That’s too high. How are you measuring PH? If using drops or strips I’d advise purchasing a decent meter. A TDS meter is just as useful to help maintain plants in their happy zone.


FYI for those troubleshooting here: second thread with support ticket deets.


was using a two pronged soil meter

am going to order a decent meter today

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Sorry to say this, but throw that away or use for household plants. I’m old school and did the dry weight/wet weight for a while 2 knuckles deep ect when I grew in soil. I use the Apera 20 PH pen and Blue Lab TDS pen


Yeah, those are awful. I would recommend buying an Apera along with calibration and storage solution.