What is a good way that I could grow indoor secretly in my room

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Hey quick question I got one of your books but I’ve been wondering what is a good way that I could grow indoor secretly in my room hidden from my parents any tips that could help that’s the only thing that’s holding me back

Yea there’s no way to hide it, you can mask the smell with a carbon filter but every time you open the tent or closet the smells going to escape. The elect will go up. But it’s up to you but no I definatly don’t see being able to hide it from parents that you live with


Find a hidden place outside if possible. And if it’s found you can plausibly Deny it


Find a friend who can grow it at their spot and go halves on it with them. You are not hiding anything to do with growing cannabis from your parents. You pay for the setup, your buddy provides the spot and helps you care for the plant when you can’t, then split the bud when you’re done. Caring is sharing.


I have a tent with carbon filter. My wife hates the smell. Every time I open the tent, I get yelled at from the other side of a long house… Fun times…

You are stuck, dude… no workie


My Women is making me relocate to the garage after this next grow lol. The boss has spoken!


I swear, I am buying a gas mask from the army surplus store and wrapping it for Christmas!!! I am sooooo friggin dead. Gonna be funny though😂

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I tried to tell her I have to buy climate regulation equipment if it’s in the garage, but I am still getting kicked out of the house. Lol

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Oh hey, if you have the green light for a room buildout, that would be great. Open space!! This could be a good thing😀

I have half of the garage and that is my work space. I make knives as another hobby. The women has a plug in hybrid so the other half is for her car.

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Cool hobby

Yea it is a blast @Poseidon


Dude very nice do you sell them ?

As for your question wait till you move out of your parents house before attempting to grow and make sure you are of legal age and follow the laws according


Nnnnniiiicccceeeeeeee :heart_eyes:

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Right now I have made a few just for fun and have made a few for friends, but I am just now getting good enough to sell them. I made that for one of my business customers. He still loves it and it is my fav because of the Patriot theme. I made this one for my women.


I absolutely love the color of the handles and some outstanding work my uncle actually makes knives but not like those bravo :clap:t2: I would buy one

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Built my workbench by hand and this was the between stages for the Patriot chef knife.

Don’t stare at my adorable chocolate lab lol

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I’m glad you pointed him out he is adorable I love the colors Man that is crazy great job on the workbench as well I’m getting ready to go kick on my light mover for the first time 20 plants with the 630 W LEC Phillips bulbs on the 8 foot rail should be interesting