What if anything should I pinch?

If this was Basil I’d pinch off every flower and in a week they’d be back two fold. What is my strategy here? ILGM Sour D autos.



I wouldn’t take anything off. They need the leaves. They have plenty of air and light.


You got autos that are beginning to transition to flower. Let them ride, and if they are too bushy in 3ish weeks you can defoliate larger leaves and lower growth to allow more light and air flow. Doing too much of anything to them now could stunt them.


I’m talking about buds not leaves.

Can i ask why u want to take off buds?

ok like i said earlier i grow lots of basil and i don’t want the flowers but i want the leaves, i was told to keep pinching the flowers and i’ll get more leave growth from new branches, but i noticed the flowers are unstoppable and multiply like crazy, I can’t keep up with the pinching. So I ask would this work with dope?

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The only time i take off branches is when i defol the bottom 1/3 of plant. But not when in flower.
I don’t grow autos, though

I don’t think buds will regrow