What? Huh? Where?

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What do all the abbreviations mean?
Ppd, vpd, by and so many others.
Where is a list of what all the abbreviations are and what they mean?.
And why each one is so important.
Where is a list of what the readings should be, and why they need to be that precise number?.
I need something I can print out so It’s available for me to overthink, analyze and memorize on a daily basis.

What ever happened to back in the old days people planted a seed in some dirt outside, watered it and weed plant grew and it got smoked.

Now it seems you almost need a Biologist Horticulture Masters Degree from Harvard University to understand the logistics behind growing some stinky bud to smoke

It seems like 1001 things can go wrong just by trying to succeed at a simple task of growing a seed.

I can’t even get a radish bulb to form or a head of lettuce to grow. So heck, let’s try some marijuana.

This is gonna be real interesting to see the end result of my two Godfather OG plant grow.



Hey thanks for the tag @anon52654037 The best advice I can give you is keep it simple. I’m old school I still germinate seeds the same way I did in the eighties . A lot of good quality cannabis friendly soil available today which makes things much easier. As far as nutes most of the time less is better. If you burn your plants up you can not go back and fix it.
Happy growing :v:


Well, remember everyone from first time growers, to lifetime growers frequent here.
Don’t let all the “absolutism” scare ya away, the enthusiasts are just on a quest to find the ultimate solution to the ever elusive “perfect grow”. Not everyone is that deep though, but if all we had to talk about was stuffin’ a bean in the dirt and waiting 4 months, it’d be pretty boring around here :rofl:

Just for fun though:
Most of the “uncommon” acronyms you see bouncing around fall into 3 main categories.
Lighting measurements
Nutrient measurements
Climate measurements. (pretty common)
RH, Temp, etc.
I’m sure I forgot something, but that’s about it…


Well, i grow weed in dirt, but inside. I keep it simple. The more hands off the better, although i tend to be mean during veg when training and manifolding. @anon52654037 i didnt know dookie about tuning in my growing until i started hanging out here. I honestly knew little about true organics and how easy it is to grow. These folks who do hydro and grow in coco is where it gets all confusing to begin with until.you start reading and learning about it. Heres a few basic things i keep in my mind when growing.

Ph for veg is 6.1 to 6.5 for optimal nutre uptake for veg nutes.
Ph for flower is 6.5 to 6.9 for optimum nute uptake in flower.
PPM = Parts Per Million Amount of nutes in your water or medium
TDS= Total Dissolved Solid See Above

As far as lighting goes.
DLI = Daily Light that your plant takes in within a tome period.
PPFD = The Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (PPFD) measures the light that actually arrives at the crop canopy in the Par zone. The amount of light that actually reaches your plants within the PAR region or the number of photosynthetically active photons that fall on a given surface each second.

In living soil, you never have to check ph or ppms as long as you are adding dry amendments or using teas. The only time ive checked ph is during a slurry test when i had issues.


I hear ya, it’s not that bad though. They are pretty strong plants. Spend a little time on here and you will pick up a lot of information. Even if you learn 1 new thing every week or two, it will all help. I grew 50 durban plants for over 2 years before I had kids. So I felt pretty experienced when I got here.
I was wrong. Lol
I have learned so much the last few months I have been here. Lot of good people willing to share thoughts and tips.
Good luck on your grow.

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