What fresh hell do we have here?

After initial light burn, calmag deficiencies and who knows what else, we now have this:

They’re FastBuds Strawberry Pie and Grapefruit-matic and as you can see they’ve started to flower. But they’re less than a foot tall in their 5 gal fabric pots. We popped them inside then hardened them off outside, where they now live. The ILGM photos we popped at the same time are happily vegging in our 2x3 custom tent and look great.

But the above? I’m ready to pull the plug unless someone can help diagnose and offer guidance - fast. I checked the usual deficiency charts, but really couldn’t find the above problem represented.

Thoughts, anyone?

Yeah the leaves aren’t curling up on the edges so she ain’t burnt. Another plant put outside too early. Let her go you have started flowering.

Check here

relax…take a deep breath…your babies are ok, in fact they are doing great what you see is the fast growth of new leaves take will “green out” in a few days…

What the ppm numbers in and out?

Looks like their new growth is showing you its lacking nutrients. Hence its yellow which means lack of nitrogen.