What filter system in grow tent

question from a fellow grower:

I have a 2x4x6 grow tent. I use a led light.
What do I need for a carbon fliter system?
Everyone tells me something different.
Canon fliter inline fan and what else?

I used the same sized tent and used a 4 inch inline fan and a carbon filter that was hanging from the ceiling in the tent and the fan was outside, attached with flex tubing that is used for clothes dryers. I actually used bicycle hangars for garage ceilings that I bought at Home Depot. It took all the smell out of the room and I never had any problems. Later, I used another filter and hose outside of the tent to feed cooler air in and sucked it out with the one inside the tent. Worked great for me. Dealerz and several other on-line stores (like GrowAce) have the setups that you will need. Just look at the setups on-line and you will get a good idea. Good luck on your grow.