What does she need?

Hi. This is White Widow Auto from ILGM.
I ph water to 6.8. In 5g air pot with roots organics soil, new HLG135RSPEC, humidity 65% temp 75F, almost month old. Nutrients cutting edge solutions base with bulletproofsi.
Not sure if this is a light issue or lack of magnesium. I used calmag and doesn’t seem to be getting better. I’ve been using half the recommended nutrients as it was still small.

This happened with my last 3 grows and it was thought there wasn’t sufficient light. Changed light seeing same thing. Buds formed but were very fluffy not a solid bud.
Any recommendations?

Every pic I see of this relates to magnesium deficiency. I used recommended dosage 5ml to gallon water. Maybe need to up it?

I agree it looked like magnesium. try a slightly different pH reading each time. You can, for example, adjust your pH to 6.2 for one watering, then 6.6 the next, etc.

Test your soil pH

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Have you taken any runoff readings of PH If your PH in soil is off it will cause things like this. If you haven’t, do a runoff reading of PH.

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One other thing you might consider: Microbes and bacteria can help the plant use the nutrients you give it regardless of brand. Real Grower’s Recharge, Mammoth P, as well as others.

Adjust pH of your water then add microbes. Don’t worry about water pH after adding microbes to it. Don’t store water with microbes added for use later. Mix what you need and if there’s any left over after getting slight runoff water the houseplants or tomatoes. They’ll love it.

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@MH47 I’ll try different ph levels. And will check calibration of my tester

@Bulldognuts - I haven’t tested runoff ph. I will do that at next watering.

Thanks for heading me in the right direction!

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Hopefully that will help. I know several people here that have had issues, that ends up being ph related.

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That’s exactly why I bought a ph meter. I’ll check the calibration and test run off