What do you think will happen?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Why split the stem?
I used an 18 gage needle and syringe.
I slipped it through the stem so easily three times up the stem. a tiny injury should get the same results without the risk of killing the plant.
What do you think will happen?
Guess I’ll find out.

They only question I have is why would you worry about killing the plant ? Your going to hack it down in a few days. The stem splitting method has been proven successful, it will be interesting to see if your needle method works. Someone else said they drilled through the stem.

I’m not sure that is actually the case. We do have some anecdotal reference but even the pros are mixed on this. As one said: if everything else is optimized then there may be some benefit. There are a lot of stress techniques out there.

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I’m cofused, are you saying that it may not work ? @Myfriendis410

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I’ve never noticed a difference. But, I’m also not scrutinizing the trichs closely every day.

I still do it because the effort is minimal and why not try it.

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It all works, some split as I have done, some don’t split as I have done, and some scrape which I have also done and have done all 3 with success. I’ve seen plenty of roots grow through solid stem on multiple occasions, so I say why screw with the integrity of the plant, cut it at a 45 dip it in cloning gel and just stick it in there. Mother nature been doing the rest by herself for years, let her work.

That’s what I’m saying. If it’s a simple evolution to split the stem then by all means! If it’s a PITA for whatever reason; don’t bother.

I don’t stem split and I’ll put my cannabis up against anyone’s with a stem split.


It’s not a PITA to me. This is my hobby now, and I’m interested in trying new things. Anything that will increase potency is worth trying to me. I’m still a couple of weeks before my plants will be ready. I have four, but I will only split one this first time.

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I split stems and do notice more tricomes around day 4 but here is where my brain gets in the way.
More tricome coverage, but are the new tricomes clear and not mature? And clear = paranoid hi, sometimes I think what’s the point, but I have never experienced a paranoid feeling when smoking what I have grown.
And some people do it for the added weight, but really how much can a tricome weigh? But all this factored in and I still do it, I have tried the droll method wit mixed results, definatly not the same results from a 3 in split. And now here’s my thinking on the needle method. Think of it like this, the reason for splitting the stem is to keep the inside of the trunk from touching, in turn disrupting the flow of water. Have you ever drove a nail into wet wood? Well not trying to treat you like you are dumb, but when you do this and remove the nail the wood swells back up. I would think this would be the case with a needle, not a big enough hole and the inside would indeed touch again so I’m nor sure this would be ideal. Please tag me and let me know how it worked

I haven’t seen anything definitive on it. We would need 20 clones grown under the same conditions, 10 of which get a stem split, and 10 which don’t, to do any kind of preliminary evaluation.

“Worked for me” is a nice way to feel good about a choice, but it is not scientific or definitive. I’d love to find out, though!

I could tell a big difference on my critical mass that i drilled and spiked it took 5 days even the stems sparkled. The white widow made the leaves more covered in stripper glitter.